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Hazel Grove Music Festival


We now have the running order for the competition on March 2nd.

It is as follows:-

1. The Gallery Choir (commences at 2pm)

2. Cana-Mi-Gei

3. Decibelles

4. St. Peter's Church Choir


5. Poynton Male Voice Choir

6. Chapel Ladies Choir

7. Cheshire A Cappella


This is available from 12:50 until 13:20. It is room M1(one)

Another choir (Chapel Ladies Choir) will come into this room at 13:20 so we must be ready to leave on time.

After the first four choirs have performed we can go back to room M1, if you want to listen to the other choirs, or you can go to the refreshment room if you don't!


The Committee

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