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Lyme Park Event

For those attending Lyme Park on Monday.

Monday 16th December - Lyme Park - Regency Theme

1st set 12 noon - 2nd set 2pm

  • Arrive from 11am onwards, after the House has opened

  • Parking in the main car park

  • A courtesy mini bus will run you up to the House

  • The keyboard can be unloaded at the North Front by car and taken through the Entrance Hall into the Dining Room, or taken on the mini bus from the main car park up to the House

  • Please meet in the Estate Office in the right corner of the courtyard and then the staff will show us where everything is.

  • The House volunteers room on the first floor will be used as a base for the day where you can leave your belongings and eat lunch. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided by Lyme, feel free to bring your own lunch or the Servants Hall will also be open for sandwiches etc.

  • The Courtyard shop, the Timber Yard café and shop will all be open as well if you fancy a walk about.

  • Secure storage will be in the volunteers room, as that part of the upstairs of the House is off limits to members of the public

  • We shall be singing in the Dining Room this year

  • Dress code will be something warm (as there won't be much heating!!) black with red accessories, scarves etc., and we'll bring red ties and flowers

Below is the link for the programme.

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