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Hi folks

About me!! I worked as a nanny (Jeune fille au-pair!) in Belgium for a year looking after seven kids! Had my own kids who are now not son is 52 this year and my daughter is 50. Four grandchildren ranging from 12 years up to 28 years, where's the time gone???

Learnt to use a computer when I was 40 when I started working at Hewlett Packard and stayed with them for over 15 years, then in 1999 Agilent Technologies was established as a spin- from Hewlett-Packard and made instruments for laboratories, hospitals, forensic science labs, etc., and I worked for them for over 5 years until I was made redundant. and then from the sublime to ridiculous I got at a job at Bramhall High School which was really, really challenging!!



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