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'Didn't we have a lovely time.....'

......the day we went to Llandudno!

It was a lovely, sunny day in Llandudno; some of us went for a walk along the sea front before the hard work started.

We met in Venue Cymru prior to the rehearsal.

Up in the rehearsal room Lorraine did a quick change from camouflage boots to stilettos and a very sparkly dress!

The warm up went well and we all paid attention - even John!!

Then the event itself!

We did our best. The other 2 choirs were entertaining with their classic and new show tunes, then we were all waiting for the results. It was quite close. We received 83 points, the choir from Ireland scored 84 and the choir from Rossendale scored 86. We had come 3rd but it was all very close.

Below is a photo of Lorraine with our award (and a Dragon!).

On the journey home in the coach there were discussions on the day, what to sing next, what competitions to do next, and as we are not far from Christmas - mince pies!!

If you have any photos you want to share then send them in to the Gallery Choir via e mail and we will add them to the site for everyone's enjoyment.


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