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Don't Let The Sun - Soprano Update


Lorraine has amended the Soprano recording of 'Don't Let The Sun' to include the missing pages from the original recording. However she has decided to change the ending. She has split the Sopranos into Sop 1 and Sop 2 and has done more of a harmony than is on the printed copy for Sop 1.

Consequently I have removed the rehearsal recordings from last week as they are no longer correct and amended the Practice recordings with her revised harmonies.

What you will see now is the main body of the recording with the ending from the Coda missing and there are separate recordings of the endings. I will see if I can piece them together later - might need some help from my husband for that one!!

I will also, this time, email them out as I know not all of you can look at the web site or have got to grips with it yet and we don't have long before the competition.

See you later - weather permitting


p.s. This is a link to January 2019 'Chorister Newsletter' in case any of you are interested in it.

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