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Harmonious Notes


Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter ‘Harmonious Notes’ which hopefully will keep everyone up to date with news of events that are planned for the Gallery Choir over the coming weeks and months.

‘New Term’ get-together: Wednesday 9th January

It was good to see so many choir members returning for another exciting year.

We began with the usual rehearsal for an hour and then on to our wonderful buffet which was an immense success with a brilliant cake from Sally. It certainly got 2019 off to a good start!

Annual General Meeting: Wednesday 23rd January

The meeting was well attended and thank you all for voting to return the present Committee for another year.

We now have a new role on the Committee; ‘Social Secretary’ who will be responsible for arranging meetings, outings and other lovely things for members of the choir, watch this space!


Our new look Website is brilliant, but only brilliant if it’s used. We really would like your feedback on anything that we can do to make it easier for you to access or if you think that anything else may need adding. On our Member page under ‘Recordings’, our music is there for everyone to listen to and practice.

Attendance Fees

It’s good to know that our attendance levels have continued to grow steadily with up to about 40 members attending rehearsals each week which enables us to still keep the fees down to £5.

So, thanks for your support and keep on coming!

Forthcoming events

Hazel Grove Music Festival: Saturday 2nd March

Our fourth Music Festival takes place on Saturday 2nd March with the choral recital commencing at 2pm and finishing at 5pm when the winner will be announced.

An extra prize will be awarded this year to the choir with the best song.

As you all know by now, we are singing ‘Mary did you Know’, ‘Lean on Me’ and ‘Don’t L et The Sun Go Down on Me’.

Victoria Baths: Sunday 9th June

We have once again been invited to take part at the Heritage Open Day and ‘Weekend of Words’ event which will again be in the Gala Pool. They are also hoping that some of our songs will reflect this topic; sounds interesting!

Family and Friends Summer Concert: Wednesday 24th July

Due to popular demand, our summer concert this year will be held a week later than usual in the Art Gallery. This is due to Art Work installation in the upper gallery on the 17th July and the closure of the College for the next 18 months for refurbishment. This will be our final performance until we return in the autumn.

Autumn Term

We will return to Stockport Art Gallery for the start of the autumn term on Wednesday 4th September.

Family and Friends Christmas Concert: Wednesday 18th December

Yes, it’s time to be thinking about Christmas at least from a performance point of view!

It’s our final performance of the year and will be held in the upper gallery at the Art Gallery.

At the moment it’s too early to hear from Tatton and Lyme but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

The Committee will be working hard on your behalf this year to find new performances, events and experiences that we can try out, and if you have any ideas about anything please let us know, so please make a note of all these performance dates to avoid disappointment!

So, there’s lots going on and we’ll keep you informed with full details and dates in good time.

The Gallery Choir Committee

Ruth Wells, Alec Morrow, Gillian Butcher, Ann Luckock, Carol Whitehead

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