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Hazel Grove Musical Festival - Results

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Hello Everyone,

Today - 15th October 2022 - was Choral day for the HGMF. This was postponed from earlier in the year to give choirs more time to rehearse following restrictions on choirs meeting during the pandemic.

There were 5 choirs performing and we were the last to perform. We sang Mr Blue Sky then Fix You and lastly Bohemian Rhapsody.

The winners were JGMT Choir who sang The Voice Within, I Will Follow Him and May It Be. They were commended for their consistency and balance of voices.

We were awarded 2nd place!! We also won the award for the best performed song - Bohemian Rhapsody. The adjudicator said that he had heard this arrangement before - and badly - but we had performed it exactly as it should be with a good balance of voices. He also commented that it was a very difficult piece to master.

(We even managed to walk on and off in the correct order thank to Ruth's organisational skills - which was a major achievement given previous performances!)

Donald - Bass - commented on the Keeping in touch thread about thanking Ruth in particular for all her hard work and organisational skills. He wrote:

We of course would like to thank Lorraine and Greg for their skills and support. Also our thanks to our supporters in the audience for their enthusiastic cheering and clapping!!

Here you can see the Judge's comments on our performance. Good luck with the hand writing!!

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