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Keeping In Touch

Good Morning Everyone,

As Ruth's email yesterday said - we miss seeing you all on Wednesdays and catching up with everyones news and of course singing!

During this hiatus we are all having to find different ways of keeping busy and one way of keeping our community of singers together is to keep in touch with what we are all up to.

Therefore we have decided to open up the Blog site for comments. the email I sent out gave instructions on how to join. As soon as I can I will activate any account requests that I get sent to me.

As Ruth said in her e mail:-

I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe, and it goes without saying that we all miss the Choir and what it means to us, so please keep in touch with as many people as possible and especially those who are living alone and may need cheering up a bit. We all need to stay as positive as possible throughout this time.

So, we all look forward to hearing everyones news until we can meet up in person on Wednesday to sing!

The Gallery Choir Committee

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Thank you for your comment Donald and I am sure that everyone heartily agrees with you. Ruth has this ability to organise us and always manages it with a smile!! We would all be a bit lost without her!



I’d just like to say a big thank you to Ruth for the hard work she put in to make today‘s Musical Festival a huge success and so enjoyable. Not only did she carry out her role as Choral Secretary for the Hazel Grove Musical Festival in an exemplary fashion, but she also sorted out our seating arrangements in the hall and on the platform, ensuring we looked well organised. It made such a big difference. Well done Ruth.



Hi Everyone ….again..

Thanks for all the personal updates....campervan...excellent - made me realise I'm missing my caravan [which is sitting on my mothers drive] . Thanks for the clever reminder of our repertoire Ruth. Good to think about Rising up Singing - at the moment be too easy to rise up [late] groaning...and Alec....don't worry about ending up singing's where all the best people end up!

More of the same for me at the moment. A mixture of jobs I need to do and things I want to do. Dug out my old mountain bike and trying out the emptier roads. Made a mini agility course in the garden for my Yorkie. Doing a regular quiz night with friends…


Hi everyone,

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Like the sound of your camper van Gillian but maybe holidays on the drive just for now!

Speaking of which, great effort from you Ruth on your recent post. Unfortunately our holiday to Africa has been cancelled so we may have to make do with a trip to Blackpool to Wade in the Water! (Ouch).

Tina, I have been giving Gareth a go. I found it a bit slow to start with and gave up for a couple of weeks but I've caught up in the last two weeks and I'm enjoying it. Some great warm ups and really enjoying the songs. It's just good to do some singing and now the…


Very entertaining, Ruth - enjoyed it a lot, thank you. It was good to be reminded of some of our earlier songs. And Sheila - I like the sound of your VE Day street party. Hope it’s a great success.

I guess I am doing what many of us are - communicating with family and friends in various ways - thank goodness for ’skype drinks’ and ’zoom quizzes’. Though I haven’t yet tried out Gareth Malone‘s online choir. Has anyone had a go yet? Or Youtube Pilates either - there is a limit!

And my garden and allotment are getting a lot of attention. Gillian, I thought your garden looked lovely in the photos you posted recently.

Trust everyone…

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