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Problems with iPads


I have received quite a few enquiries about accessing the Members section of the web site using an iPad. Having looked into it it appears that the host site (Wix) recommend that when using an iPad you need to have it updated to at least iOS 11.

It may be possible to update older iPads, but this is not guaranteed. Make sure important information is backed up, and find your nearest young adult (who knows what they are doing) or Apple Store for advice on updating!

To check your version, go to 'Settings', select 'General', and then 'About'.

Check 'Version' to see what level of iOS your iPad is running. The website requires version 11; however version 12 is supposed to run better on older iPads.

To see what updated version is available for your iPad, go back to 'General' and select 'Software Update'.

Hope this helps explain why some of you might be having problems,



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