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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Yay!!! Finally, we have completed the Gallery Choir web site make-over!

Hello and welcome to our first blog. We are hoping that you like what we have done with the site and welcome any feedback. We are now managing the site ourselves so information and announcements will be more relevant and up to date. Please remember it has been a steep learning curve for us! We would like to encourage you to log on regularly to keep up to date with what is happening within your choir.

Here is a quick guided tour of the site. The Public part of the web site is now up to date and displays current information on news and upcoming performances. The Photo Gallery now includes more recent pictures of the choir.

As you are aware (because you're on it!) there is now a Members section to our site. There is a generic password for this area and we will change this password from time to time (frequency and time scale yet to be decided). On this part of the site there are all the recordings that we have so we no longer need to use CD's. There are the Practice Recordings that Lorraine provides (Christmas ones are in a separate link) and some recordings of our past performances. A new feature is the 'Rehearsal' recordings which will be provided on an ad-hoc basis depending on what happens at rehearsal. The idea is that we have an instant reminder, not just of the music but also of the way in which Lorraine wants us to sing it. We welcome any feedback on these features so let us know if you find them useful or have any problems using them etc. We don't plan to leave the rehearsal recordings on there for long periods of time - just until we have finished pieces and have moved on to something else.

We also now have our own private Gallery of photos. We thought it would be nice to show the social side of our Choir. We would particularly like to thank Kirstie, Greg's partner, for providing so many photographs of our last friends and family event - everyone looks great in them! If you have any photographs that you think might be suitable for this part of our site then e mail them into the choir for consideration.

We have a diary section too. You can look at this section to see dates of performances that are planned but not yet put on the main web site. Also if you click on the word 'rehearsal' there is a list of the songs that were sung on that evening. If you are unable to attend one week you can see what you missed!

This leaves the Blog site. Although we are going to continue to send out e mails for a while yet, we are hoping that eventually all announcements will be on this site. This is new for us all so we will wait to see how it develops before deciding on how best to manage this area.

The Committee would like to thank you all for your patience while we organised this and also your continued support and enthusiasm for the choir.

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